Friday, June 11, 2010

my little man is growing up...

I just realized my little Z is growing up...TOO FAST! :) i love all the new things he is doing and seeing him grow, but another part of me gets so sad that the newborn stage is over :( everyone tells you to cherish every moment and take a million pictures because they grow so fast, and now i know what there talking about!
I was at the church office the other day and when i walked in i saw Pastor Sue, so i immediately handed Zechariah over to her ( because i knew she would want to give him some love) and she turned around and said " can i ask you a question?" i said of course, and she replied " WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BABY!!" hehe ;) everyone was laughing about how he all of a sudden decided to start growing...and fast! It just reminds me to definitely cherish the moments with him while he is so little and to take more pictures! everyday he seems bigger to me :(

Anyways..the reason i was making this post was to talk about how he ate his first rice cereal yesterday :) little Z is going to soon be big Z soon, the way this little guy is eating these days!

here is a few pics from the adventure ( these are for you grammy, since you weren't able to be here) Z wanted you to see them lol :)