Monday, November 30, 2009

I love cloth diapers!!

I have found a new addiction..cloth diapers!! who knew shopping for something that goes on a little one's bottom could be so much fun...and so addicting!
Here is a pic of my latest purchase that i got from Etsy!
I also entered a cloth diaper giveaway last week and I WON! I have never won anything before, and i am so exited to get my prize in the mail..i can't wait! here's a pic of my winnings ;)

Another Pregnancy pic

Here is the newest pic of me and baby :)
24 weeks! only 16 left to go!

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas...

So Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday and i like to get started early to maximize the time I get to spend celebrating Christmas, and this year i convinced Devin to let us get our tree the day after thanksgiving..YAY!

Here is Devin's Christmas elf look :)

We went out to get a big day after thanksgiving breakfast at Shari's and then headed out to Veneta to the Carrol's Christmas tree farm to find our tree!! As soon as we got home i got the tree all decorated and had Devin do the honors of putting the Angel on the top. Im so excited for our house to start smelling like the Christmas tree and baking ;)


Happy Thanksgiving!

i know im a little late, but i wanted to share a few pics from Thanksgiving! Devin and I (and baby) headed to Corvallis to spend thansgiving with my parents. We had fun playing a new game my parents bought called settlers of catan, watching a Christmas movie and eating a huge feast!! thanks for the delisious food mom & dad!

Mollie was wearing her new Christmas outfit that grandma bought her :) So of course we had to take pictures!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

ultrasound pics

I went in for another ultrasound this past week, since last time they couldnt see alot of things on the baby due to our stubborn litle one's position ;) I was 23 weeks, but measuring 25..we have a little chubby one in there! the baby now weighs 1 pound 9 oz! the baby was showing off its skills of swimming and moving its mouth, and even hit itself in the cute! Getting this ultrasound really made mw wonder if the baby is going to be a zechariah, or a baby girl ( name to yet be decided..devin likes Abigail, and i like Athalia)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

22 weeks!

So i finally got around to remembering to have Devin take a picture of me and the baby :) We are planning to take a belly pic every sunday...we'll see if we can remember hehe!

I had just told my parents and Devin the day before that i felt like i didnt look pregnant at all, but now after finally seeing a picture i believe them when they say i am crazy! lol.