Monday, November 30, 2009

I love cloth diapers!!

I have found a new addiction..cloth diapers!! who knew shopping for something that goes on a little one's bottom could be so much fun...and so addicting!
Here is a pic of my latest purchase that i got from Etsy!
I also entered a cloth diaper giveaway last week and I WON! I have never won anything before, and i am so exited to get my prize in the mail..i can't wait! here's a pic of my winnings ;)


  1. Two comments, that diaper looks like a girl design! Second look into these gdiapers here is the link my niece used them.

    Happy Holidays! Chantelle

  2. There are so many cool companies and fun fabrics for cloth diapers now! The covers can be great fun as well! Plus, there are a lot of organic options out there making it even better for your baby!
    look for ninny's nappies, they are cute, WAHM made and organic!

  3. i had no idea you had a blog! WOOP! :) the cloth diaper is girly! is there something ur not telling us???? hehe

  4. haha, i know its pretty girly, but it was too cute for me to pass up!!