Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wordless wednesday

oh my goodness, this picture just cracks me up every time i see it ;)


  1. Hey Heidi! It's Allison! WHAT A DOLL! Mackenzie told me you had a blog so I couldn't wait to get on here and check it out. I hope you are doing well. Your little boy is ADORABLE! I need you to send me your address so I can mail you the gift I've had sitting at my house for the past three months! Pathetic I know. Anyway...hope to talk to you soon! Give that baby a GIANT kiss for me! :)

  2. oooooo too cute!! LOVE this picture! Love the one w/ Z and his daddy too! Too sweet! So good to see you the other day! Hope to see you again soon! Love ya! danielle

  3. awww gotta love this pic:) hehe. dude hes like the best dressed little man around!!