Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby shower

man, i am a slacker when it comes to updating my blog lately! i am just a;always forgetting to take pictures :(
Anyways, we didn't take many pictures of my baby shower, but my mom did happen to get a few so here they are! It was a really nice mom is the one who threw it for me and she did a great job!! i am so thankful for her! Alot of my friends didn't make it :( but my best friend Diana made it down here from Olympia and that made my day! I had a good time, and it made me realize just how close it is getting until little baby Donahue arrives! only 6 weeks left..i cant believe it! im getting more anxious and nervous by the day ;) and just this evening when Devin got home from work, he said " i am ready for this baby to come already! i want to play with it!!" so cute!

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