Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Diana and her mom Beta (and Hazel too) came down to Eugene on Halloween to attend the Eugene moms group Halloween party! I was excited to see Zechariah and Hazel dressed up in their garden gnome costumes together!! Here are some pics of us getting ready to go to the party...at first Z seemed to like the beard..but 5 seconds later he wasn't too thrilled!

Here is Hazel and Zechariah all dressed up!

A special thanks to aunt Diana for making the gnome costumes!!!

The moms group party was pretty fun! They had a photo area, huge selection of delicious foods and treats, and of course lots of little ones to play and look cute!
Diana was a fox, and Beta was raggedy Ann! Devin and i didnt dress up..i know, we are lame! lol.

oh, and p.s. the cute little otter posed with Z is Toby! isn't he a cutie!!

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