Saturday, November 27, 2010


i cant believe it, but i actually forgot to take pictures of the little man on his 1st thanksgiving! I blame it on pregnancy brain, lol...that and i was busy cooking a lot of the time.
We had Thanksgiving at our house this year, which was a lot of fun for me! I have been looking forward to finally hosting a holiday and giving my parents a break from all the work, and i couldn't wait to finally cook my own thanksgiving feast! It turned out great, and i didn't even burn the turkey! woohoo :) We had my Grandma, aunt, uncle, and my mom and dad come and it was a lot of fun! too bad we didn't get any pictures though :(

But yesterday (the day after thanksgiving) Devin, Z and I went over to Devin's dad's house for another thanksgiving feast where i managed to at least snap a few pics of Zechariah

Here is a pic of Z and his cousin Alyssa

and here's a shot of my belly after the feast(finally feeling the baby kick! yay!)

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