Thursday, November 24, 2011

thanksgiving & a family pic

so we finally had a chance to have my mom snap a few photos of us as a family..only took 7 goodness! it was spur of the moment after eating a huge thanksgiving meal..but we just ran outside and took a few really quick.

Also, here is a pic of the boys at our thanksgiving..Jeremiah had a great time eating the food and teething on a turkey leg ( the original teether toy i call it lol) and Zechariah, our picky little guy who i swearnever eats had 2 olives..and orobably only because i put them on his fingers and he thought that was fun :) I enjoyed being on bedrest, which meant i didnt have to cook or clean!! haha..but my dr. said i could start doing a little more out of bed now, like eating at the table and moving around the house a little bit to sit up ect. so i got to enjoy the turkey and everything else with the family at the table and not feel guilty about it! woohoo. And Devin did a really good job making the pie..yummy! Im thankful for sooo many things this year!!

Just as i was about to finish thispost..Jeremiah projectile vomited all over the living room floor :( maybe too much thanksgiving food?! poor guy..and poor dad..who witnessed his first baby throwing up incident and has to clean it up :( lol!


  1. What a sweet sweet family! Your boys are ADORABLE! Hope to make it down your way soon! Love ya!